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6 point cm cage 650
torq- box bars 75
update 6 point to 9.90 legal cage  
9.90-8.50 legal cage 1200
8.50-7.50 legal cage  
7.50 and faster legal cage  
back half frame tubs tin battery mount and fuel cell mount 1850
9 inch housing ladder bar brackets re-tubed billet ends 550
ladder bars/crossmember/diag link 525
four link bars/brackets 750
wish bone  
anti-roll bar 225
wheelie bars 375
mini tubs 550
shock mount  
remove spare tire access replace/framing tin fuel and batt mounts 275
on/off switch 125
parachute mount 150
through floor sub-frame connectors 150
swing out door bars 95
parachute handle 125
all prices are subject to change with out notice  
mini tubs
parachute and wheelie bars
9 inch housing